Rules of usage

Usage of TOTH is not a god-given right: it is a service which Squish, Slimey and NoseyNick have set up and have allowed you to use. It is a privilege that can be withdrawn without notice, but, if you follow these rules, that should never need to happen...

An account on TOTH is for one person only, and a person may hold only one account. Choose a password that cannot be easily guessed by others (and ideally not by password cracking software). DO NOT share your password with others -- if another user is found to be logging into your account it will be banned and you will be advised to change your password. Connecting to the talker under a name other than your account name is discouraged.

You must trust TOTH's head of admin (Squish) and the other masters in their running of the talker. Masters may log *anything they like* in order to facilitate the policing of the talker, but are trusted not to disclose any private information to anyone except the other Masters.

TOTH will not tolerate any form of abuse towards other users. This includes insults, torments, harassment, racism, ageism, sexism or any kind of petty hate campaign. The most important rule on TOTH is to `be excellent to each other'!

Language/Relevance of comments
Although TOTH is primarily a technical talker, non-technical talk is not prohibited provided it does not interfere with technical discussions. If necessary, take idle chat to a private group. Talk on lists should be relevant to the list concerned.

TOTH is a `family' talker, and offensive language should be not be used in Public, on any publically readable lists, or in groups other than those containing explicitly consenting users.

If you misuse and/or overuse shouts, expect to be gagged. Replies to shouts should be done personally (i.e. don't shout) unless the reply is useful and necessary for everyone to see.

Pasting large amounts of text is discouraged unless done in a group discussing a related issue.

If you don't agree with the rules, log off. If you break the rules, you will be logged off! Users who regularly break the rules may be banned from the talker, either temporarily or permanently.