How to get an account

If you wish to get an account on The Oaktree-house talker, you should first read the rules of usage. If you agree with the rules, then you can send an email with subject "TOTH account request" to james at, containing this info:

Username: The name you use when you connect, max 10 chars.

Real Name: Your name.

Email: Your email address.

Location: Which uni/college you are at, where you work, etc.

Sex: Male/Female.

Birthday: Date of your birthday IN THE FORM 1972-06-22
* Occupation: What course/job you are doing.
* Interests: Your interests.
* Setup: Your computer setup, eg:
Risc PC 600, 5MB RAM, 210MB HD, 14" monitor

Those items marked with a * can be changed by you later. All the info must be given. Be careful about the "Birthday" format.