Welcome to TOTH!

The Oaktree-house is a friendly easy going talker community whose origins lie in the (ex-)Acorn community, and has been online since 1996. Typical conversations are of a technical or Internet-related nature with a broad mix of people who do programming, system administration and other computer industry activites. Of course, there are also people who have just found their way to toth who are entirely non-technical - everyone is welcome as long as they have a respect for others and are nice friendly people.

Anybody can connect and use the talker freely (telnet to on the normal telnet port, or follow the link below), if you use the talker regularly you should get an account. This tells other people on the system who you are and stops others from using your name.

Telnet to now! (there are currently 49 people online!)

If your text is not echoed as you type, enter ".set echo on".

The Oaktree-house talker rules of usage, and how to get an account.